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Hello nobody!

I should be working on a feature I'm writing, but it feels so much easier to be writing in here, instead. Figured I could just put a few life updates in here before going back to work.

Where to begin:

Well, okay, COVID-2020. Hard to avoid the virus in the room. I've been hunkered down in my apartment with my girlfriend since the outbreak began. Made one quick trip up to see my parents, but besides that we've been home, or out walking our dog with masks on. Me and my lady had just moved in together before this all started, and so we've gotten a good idea of what our lives look like spending every minute with each other. I have to admit, it's going really well!

We actually just passed the 9 month mark, and still going strong. 9 months might not seem like a big deal to anyone here, but it was the dreaded curse mark of past relationships, for I had never lasted longer than this. In fact three relationships ended nearly the exact day to nine months. So hooray!

I'm currently a staff writer on a TV show since March, which, you know, has been the dream for many many years at this point. Look, Ma, I did it!

Honestly this has been in some ways the best year of my life, even though literally everything about this year has been the worst year in a very long long time.

How are you doing? I hope you're not being too hard on yourself. I still am somedays, but I'm working on it.

Being in here now feels like visiting an old friend from High School. I've changed so much since I started writing in here, and me and Diaryland a very different people now... but coming back feels nice. Like the comfort of sleeping in your childhood bedroom... depending on your childhood, I guess.

Until next time!

7:37 PM - July 01, 2020


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