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Yea, I dont know... I dont feel very optimistic today. I guess I almost feel guilty for not being super happy right now. I just dont have the energy right now, or the will. I am very bored and I should be doing my theatre project and I should also be writting my essay and letters to both miss stroud and Mrs Sayres to get those recomendation letters going, and I need to get that other form in for my other credits.... BLAH!!!! I am getting behind and that isnt good. its slowly killing me, and I havent even started practices yet.. but I cant wait for that... that will be fun. I just got to make sure I stay on top of everything, I dont want to let myself down. Im kinda over Hawaii, it just sucks because I just want to find someone.... ahhhhhhhhh why cant I fall in love? why cant I just be in love with someone right now? why cant anyone be in love with me? i am apparently the ladies man... but without any ladies... shoot me in the face please. To beleive I actually feel for that spirt thing the other day was just sad. I really did want it to exist. I am so creatively inactive right now. Another weekend over.. another week of annoynace begins... blahhh and my favorite class isnt even meeting this week.

Whatever, im going
brady out

9:15 PM - February 11, 2007


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