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Irony of Sleep

Just as I'm fine, just as I am getting over her, I have this horrible horrible dream.

Its us, we are together and it is our wedding day. I look at her with such love and she looks back as she always does. We get married and then somehow we both pop up onstage performing the broadway production of rent. I'm singing Roger's part which in the dream I thought was weird because I always wanted to sing for Mark, but when I sing I can feeling and I sound really good. Right behind is the love of my life... at least in the dream, who is playing MiMi. The whole time I was thinking, this is too perfect, too wonderful, there has to be a catch. And yes sir there was.

At 8:00 an alarm goes off and I get snapped back into conciousness. This is when I experiance reality whiplash. I immediately realize that it was just a dream, there are people around me still asleep but I wanted to yell to the skies. Thats just so effing wrong. I mean, I was getting to grips with everything and then something totally out of my control taunts me with a future that I can't have. God has a messed up sense of humor. Can't blame him though, he must be bored from knowing everything. I mean, wouldnt you too? Nothing ever new or exciting, except pulling pranks on us undivine.

Fuck Dreams

4:55 PM - March 18, 2007


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