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So wow... turn of events, I went over to my friends to do something I haven't ever gotten to work and was skeptical about. My friends eldonna and caitlin used a ouija board. I couldn't beleive it... we tried calling the spirits a couple times and it didnt work... I was pretty let down. I started asking caitlin what I was doing wrong cause she has done this before... and I came to the conclusion that ghosts hate me... then we go to Eldonnas to try because her house is older and whatnot... and it worked!

I felt that little plastic thing slide across the board and I didn't beleive it at first. I asked eldonna and caitlin if they were the ones doing it and they both denyed... and I know they wouldn't lie. We ended up having a brief conversation with eldonna's protector named "KD" she is only 5 so she can't spell too well. Then caitlins ghost friend from back at school in florida popped up and wow, it was so crazy... it was like talking to a person, she responded to everything and cracked jokes... it was so strange.

I am now a believer, for sure. Ghosts exist. NOTE: Amber told me(Amber is caitlins ghost friend) that someone I haven't met with the initials LFJ is going to pop up in this year of 2008 and apparently this person is going to bring love.... so I'll be keeping an eye out :D

1:44 AM - January 02, 2008


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