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not good.

Friday night. I'm walking back to my dorm, accompanied by Sapph and others after an intense battle of mini golf, in which victory had just barely slipped through my fingers.
While trying to balance myself on a small line of concrete my phone vibrates, its scott. His words are perfectly sown together, in his Scott way, trying to convince me to his girlfriends daughters birthday party today. Granted I like both the girlfriend and the daughter enough, but going to the birthday party felt weird. It felt pushed. All the encounters of the three of them together has resulted in me as the babysitter, and thus, giving the two of them more time alone. I don't want to make that a normal thing, this may sound weird but I don't want to get wrapped up in their life in that way.
I go against the judgement of everyone around me and tell him the truth as opposed to lying and saying I was busy or something. I told him I wasn't sure if I'd be comfortable. No less than 5 mintues later I get a call, caller ID tells me its scott... here we go. But wait! Its Orchid on the phone, I wonder how that happened. She briefly interrogates me then hands me over to Scotty boy. In his usual, "I am disappointed by you" voice he asks if I am coming or not. "No, I don't think so." I say. He quickly hangs up.
I have gotten to that point where I wont take any more from Scott. I am not going to have a miserable time for the sake of whatever it is that he wants.
I don't think I can live with him next year.

5:35 PM - February 02, 2008


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